Covid vs. Hair

Hello everyone,

It has been quite some time since I've posted a blog. To be honest- I've been struggling emotionally and mentally with the constant closures and the unknown. Most of you know that I have two children who have been on and off with education in school and online. This has also been frustrating as I've been trying to keep it together and as normal as possible for them. HOWEVER - trying to stay positive , motivated and sane during these times have been my mantra! My story posts have been a mix of motivational quotes, previous hair , and my workouts ! If I can do it - SO CAN YOU! Lets motivate each other, support each other and get through these times together <3


Common questions asked:

What can I do to maintain my hair during closures ?

  • Make sure you have a great haircare routine , this enables you to continue to keep the integrity of your hair beautiful and healthy ! When you do see your stylist, your hair will be easy to lift / process to give you the maximum results!

What if I REALLY need to do my roots?

  • Ask your stylist if they offer in home hair colour kits. At Hairluxe , we offer customized hair colouring kits for those who are in dire need of a touch up. Try to avoid using any box colour as it may compromise your hair when you are ready to get back into the chair. In my opinion, it will cost you more to fix / remove the box dye then if you were to either wait or purchase the colour kit.
  • Root sprays are a great alternative ! They are easy to apply and cover up your areas ( temporarily ) just in time for your zoom meeting!

I need a trim, should I cut my own hair ?

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT ! If something goes wrong, that is very permanent and irreversible ! Just wait until we reopen

I am a blonde and my hair is dull, what can I do?

  • I would suggest a great purple shampoo OR toning treatment ! I love the Moroccan Oil purple shampoo and I offer customized toning hair masks from Schwarzkopf. They will brighten up your blonde making it feel as if you just had it freshly toned !
  • Do not try to " DIY" your blondes or balayage as it may cause breakage, damage and a whole lot of mess! Wait until you can see your stylist ! Trust me, its worth it!

These times are unprecedented and quite frustrating , however we are in this all together ! We all are suffering in some form or another. I am here to help, guide and assist in any way. Feel free to reach out , ask questions and tag me in your motivating posts.

I cannot wait to see you all behind the chair, once again!

Lots of love,

Sandra C.