At Hairluxe Co., our team excels in personalized blondes, balayage, and extension artistry. Sandra Couto, our lead artist, remains dedicated to staying informed about the latest fashions, beauty trends, and new products in the industry. Sandra and her team are highly educated professionals in hair artistry, providing specialized and tailored services to guarantee beautiful, desired results. We use only the finest products and tools in the hair industry, ensuring you leave our salon feeling confident, gorgeous, and with exceptionally healthy hair.


Hair Stylist Toronto • Featured Stylist • Balayage Specialist

Sandra Couto

Sandra Couto is a highly acclaimed hairstylist with over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has honed her skills in colour and styling, with a keen eye for detail in lived-in blondes , balayage and extensions.

Sandra's passion and enthusiasm for her craft shine through in her work. She approaches every client with dedication and strives to create stunninglooks that make them feel beautiful and confident. Her extensive portfolio showcases her expertise. Not only has Sandra worked with everyday clients, but she has also had the opportunity to work with celebrities and influencers . Her talent and professionalism have earned her the opportunity to be nominated several times with “ Behind the Chair “ and “ Masters of Balayage “ along with others.

Sandra's ultimate goal is to make all her clients feel luxurious from the inside out. She understands that beauty is not just about the outward appearance but also about helping individuals feel their best and most confident selves. With her expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence, Sandra Couto is a hairstylist that clients can trust for top-notch service and exceptional results.

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Artist in Training | Salon Assisstant

Blondes Balayage and all things hair !

Giulianna DeLucia

Giulianna is our Artist in training and a Marca College graduate that loves all things hair ! She has a University degree in Sociology but followed her dreams and passion to be a hair artist. Giuliannas’ artistic skills are in lived-in blonding and balayage with an eye for perfect blends. She’s mastered the art of hair styling and is looking foward to pursing her dreams in the beauty industry as a global hair artist.

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Advanced Artist

Blondes | Balayage | Global Blonding

Linda Augusto

Linda is our Advanced Artist with over 10 years in the beauty industry. She has an eye for detail in curating beautiful blends. With a decade of experience in the hair industry under the guidance of her mother who is a lifelong air stylist, Linda stands out as a skilled hair artist. Her expertise shines in the realms of blondes, balayage, and global blondes, where she crafts personalized and precise transformations.

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Advanced Artist

Bronde & Brunette Specialist | Hair Cutting | Bombshell Blowouts

Patricia Pereira

With a remarkable career spanning over 15 years, Patricia is a highly skilled hairstylist who has been a key part of the Hairluxe Co. team for the past 5 years, working alongside Sandra. She started her career in the industry throughout high school and graduated Marvel Hair School. Patricia's specialization lies in creating stunning looks for both brondes and brunettes, showcasing her expertise in color, precise hair cutting, and crafting bombshell blowouts. Patricia not only brings exceptional skills but also a wealth of experience, making her an outstanding and integral member of the Hairluxe Co. team.

Advanced Artist

Balayage , Lived-in Blends, Special Event Styling

Sicilia Stella

Sicilia is a high skilled and published hair artist in the beauty industry for over 7 years.  Specializing in blondes, color, and bridal hairstyles, she's become a top choice for precise and creative transformations. Sicilia's commitment to her clients extends beyond styling; she aims to understand their individual preferences, ensuring they leave feeling confident and radiant. Her passion for her craft shines through in every detail.

Sicilia's focus lies in creating stunning hairstyles for special occasions, earning her a well-deserved reputation showcased in various wedding publications.


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